Bathroom Renovations Cost

Worried about your bathroom renovation cost? It could be anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 or more, depending on the level of finish, size of the bathroom, cost of materials, fittings and, not least, labour costs. All these factors, plus considering the increase in material and labour prices during the post-COVID period and not expecting to drop anytime soon, bathroom renovation cost has evolved to what they are now.

Below are the questions to be answered before commencing your bathroom renovation project.

 How much should your bathroom renovation project cost?

 Should you hire a registered builder for your bathroom renovation?

 Preparing your budget for your bathroom renovation project.

Council permits and strata approvals.

What will be the duration of a bathroom renovation project?

Bathroom renovation stages.

Trades involved in your bathroom renovation.


How much should your bathroom renovation project cost?

It’s important to know your budget and the expectations within this budget. To simplify things, the bathroom renovation can be divided into three levels:

Budget level: $10,000 - $15,000 for a cosmetic renovation, small bathroom, budget fittings and materials.

Standard level: $15,000 - $40,000 for a renovation of a medium bathroom using average materials and fittings.

High-End level: $40,000 and over for renovating a large bathroom, luxury finishes, high-end materials and fittings.

Considering the complexity and level of finishes, registered builders will quote a project based on a square meterage basis, with prices varying between $2500 to as high as $5000 per square meter.

As an example, $20,000 will bring you a walk-in shower, large porcelain tiles within a $50 range per square meter, a frameless shower screen, a wall-hung medium-size vanity, mid-range quality fittings (twin shower head, wall mixers, back-to-wall toilet system)

 Should you hire a registered builder for your bathroom renovation?

As building regulations are continuously evolving, new materials and installation systems are being introduced, and new requirements involving quality and durability are in place, genuine warranties can be given by a registered building practitioner only.

In conclusion, hiring a registered building practitioner is the only valid avenue.

 Preparing your budget for your bathroom renovation project.

Where to start?

A floor plan will give you an idea of the sizes and positions of all fittings and appliances, then choose the tiles and fittings and obtain labour quotes.

 Council permits and strata approvals.

If you are doing any structural work to a building, then the builder or tradesperson must be registered, regardless of the cost of the work, and you will require a building permit.

If your project costs more than $10,000, the builder must use a major domestic building contract.

You need permission to do a kitchen or bathroom renovation. You also need permission to change the walls, floors, or ceilings.

Each strata is different. Check the by-laws before you start renovating to know what approvals are needed and how to get them.

 What will be the duration of a bathroom renovation project?

Design, research, and quotes: 1 to 3 weeks

Permits and/or strata approvals: 3 weeks

Selecting materials and fittings: 1 to 2 weeks

Works involving the renovation: 2 to 5 weeks

A few unforeseen factors can alter the timeframe of the project:

Unpredicted structural works

Plumbing/Electrical works (complete upgrade)

Asbestos removal

Delay in deliveries

 Bathroom renovation stages.

Bathroom demolition

Remove appliances, fittings, shower screens, wall tiles, floor tiles, substrate sheeting.

Bathroom design

Sketches, plans, discussions, and modifications agreed upon before commencement.

Carpentry and alterations

Drop shower base substrate, change outlets position, electrical rewiring, build stud walls, soap holder (wall niche)

Bathroom walls and floor

Lay wall substrate (plaster, A/C sheeting etc.) Lay subflooring (timber flooring, particle board, compress sheeting, A/C sheeting)

Screeding and levelling

Screed shower base to form the floor, screed floor to level or flatten, apply self-levelling compound)

Bathroom waterproofing

Waterproof walls using class 4 wp systems, waterproof floor using cementitious compatible systems

Wall Tiling, Floor Tiling

Cut floor tiles to suit shower base fall, tiling of walls and floors as specified.

Tiles grouting, Caulking, Sealing

Grout walls and floors using matching colour grout, seal corner joints, and apply a penetrative sealer over tiles and grout.

Shower Screen, Fittings, Appliances

Install shower screen, plumbing and electrical fittings, cabinets, baths, and mirrors.

 Trades involved in your bathroom renovation.

Registered builder

A registered building practitioner who will manage all aspects of your project. This means they have all the tradies needed on staff.