Waterproofing Melbourne

With over 14 years experience, Melbourne Tiling Services P/L has a range of industrial waterproofing systems carefully selected and tested within different environments.

Steps before applying any waterproofing system:

All substrates must be fully cured (ex. concrete slabs min 28 days)

Waterproofing surfaces should be dust free, grease, oil, paint free

Priming waterproofing areas increases the boding between the system and substrate

All cracks, gaps, joints has to be repaired or sealed prior to applying the waterproofing system

  At least 2 coats are necessary allowing a curing period between layers

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Waterproofing Melbourne Materials


 Mapelastic (2 part)



 Mapei Polyurethane

 Mapei fabric or fibre glass tape

From acrylic or polymer base to latex or liquid rubber, all the products we use for our jobs has never failed, the secret being to use the right system for the right application.

Melbourne Tiling Services P/L can assist you with all your internal or external waterproofing needs, from a bathroom to a weather exposed balcony, cementitious surfaces, plasters or even metals.


Waterproofing Melbourne

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