Large Format Tiles

Niche market for most demanding clientele with refine taste, large format tiles has been researched by one of the most renown Italian manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles.   

Ranging from 3 to 6.5 mm in thickness, large format tiles are a very versatile product used interior or exterior, facades, bathrooms, walls or floors.

Require a vast amount of experience in handling and installation combined with knowledge of material usage for different applications.                                      

A new generation of tools are introduced in their installation including 3.3m length cutter, handling frame with suction cups, split initiator pliers etc.

Depending on the material used and the thickness of the product (some with fibre glass mesh backing), adhesives should be carefully chosen. As an example, for a fibre glass mesh backed tile, 3000mm x 1500mm, the most appropriate adhesive should be epoxy based, highly deformable composite adhesive. For external usage, walls exposed to the harsh environment, grout should be replaced with polyurethane or silicone (acetic or neutral cure).

Furthermore, being a full bodied porcelain composite tile, it makes it a hard wearing product with no surface changes in any weather conditions, extremely resistant to abrasion. We can assist you with any queries regarding the product and installation.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding this product in the comment form below.

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  • Melbourne Tiling Services
    Melbourne Tiling Services

    Large format tiles 1000×3000 or 1500x3000mm.
    Great to be used on facades, bathroom walls and floors.
    Extremely difficult job, the wrong tiler will cost you a fortune.
    Preferred supplier

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