New Tiling Products

Increasing the number of different materials or tile formats used in tiling industry has pushed to reforming the installation technics, tools and materials research. Keeping up with new tiling products and new tiling systems coming into the market everyday is one of the most challenging tasks in our job. Our highly experienced tilers are constantly trained in the usage of new products either waterproofing or adhesives and also in the usage of new systems like levelling clips, new tools, new tiling accessories. Furthermore, all our trades are fully licensed and we offer certificates for any job evolved or not.

New Products

Preformed shower bases

Preformed shower walls

Preformed wall cavities (soap holders)

Highly deformable adhesives

New waterproofing systems

New Systems

Levelling clips

Floor heating coils

Evolved cutting disks

Polishing pads


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    Kerlite tiles.
    100×3000 or 1500x3000mm. Inquire within.

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    Also hundreds of installation materials, primers, adhesives, waterproofing systems etc.
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